Shakaland Experience – RCB003 (full day)

Depart for Shakaland and experience the essence of Africa; pulsating tribal rhythms, assegai-wielding warriors and the mysterious rituals of the Sangoma interpreting messages form the spirits. Shakaland is beautifully set amongst mountains and rivers and ideally tucked away in an indigenous setting of aloes and mimosa trees overlooking the Phobane Lake.

Originally recreated for the film sets of Shaka Zulu and John Ross, Shakaland is an unusual cultural centre and living museum where Zulu folk pursue the customs and traditions of their forbears.

Observe typical Zulu traditions and captivating ceremonies like beer brewing, spear making, hut building, pottery, weaving, beadwork, courtship and beer drinking, as well as lectures on traditional dress, etiquette and the social structure of a zulu kraal. Discover the secrets of the sangomas, such as tribal dancing and their beer ceremony.

Enjoy a traditional lunch at the Shakaland restaurant whilst being entertained with song, dances and folklore by Zulu dancers in full regalia (Drinks own account). Return to Richards Bay.

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